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A place I wish to visit and why Gungun Pandey

By Miss Gungun Pandey - 3rd Position

Since my childhood to my adulthood I was always fascinated by holy places, temples, shrines and much more such sacred places. And when we take name of temples, one such India's biggest and most popular temple that comes in everyone's mind is Kedarnath. I guess you must have guessed it by now, the place that I wish to visit eagerly is Kedarnath situated in the state named as 'Devbhoomi', Uttarakhand. I have always waited for an opportunity to visit this place but whenever the opportunity came to me, I guess circumstances were never in my favor.


Sometimes I was busy with school and college work and sometimes with some other work. Seeing people posting stories about their trip to Kedarnarth, made me envy them, seeing those great Instagram reels of Kedarnath temple and 'Namo Namo' song of the movie kedarnath in the background always left me with goosebumps. I feel that there is something about that place that always leaves me in awestruck. I am a huge, I mean very huge devotee of lord Shiva, I have visited many temples of lord Shiva till date but still haven't got the chance to visit the greatest 'KEDARNATH'.


The location where the temple is located is also so healing and satisfying to just look at, what it would feel like to visit that place in real! The mountains covered with snow, the scenery are just so beautiful. I've also heard from many people that though the path that leads to the temple is also very calming and peaceful. Who would not want to visit such a place located in nature's lap!

But you know it is said that 'Things worth having are worth waiting for' so I m still waiting for the right time to come as to when I can visit my dream place in the near future. And I m sure that once I visit the temple it would be worth it.


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