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My Favourite Trip

By Miss Amina Shaikh - 1st Position

It's always said that "It is better to see something once rather than hearing about it for a thousand times" likewise, I have been always been hearing about this place called Lonavala for years & being a person who has been dwelling in Mumbai for quite a long time now I always felt a void for not visiting such an exotic location within Mumbai.

Although, my job always filled my pocket but I needed some adventure to fill my soul too so one fine day, my family decided to take a tour at Lonavala, to be honest, I was a little hesitant at first & did not agree & always thought about my work but something within me said that "Without new experiences, something inside me will always sleep" so I decided to come out of my comfort zone & take this trip. We left our home early in the morning & it started to drizzle, so the climate was a little cold which made the journey to Lonavala even more beautiful. The mountains, the breeze, & some hot tea, just WOW!! It was totally an awestruck moment for me, the road trip surely took all my stress out. The higher the route took me the lighter I felt, it made me think that as if I am not taking the trip rather the trip is taking me.


When I reached, one of the well-known places to see in Lonavala, The Tiger Point, I was lost in the charm of the valley & its mesmerizing beauty & at that moment, I realized that why it is called The Tiger Point. After the fun sightseeing, we took a break & stopped by to have some food & post some selfie sessions we headed towards another one such famous place in Lonavala called Bhushi Dam. The place has a very calm & soothing vibe which made me feel at peace & has a very cool & chilled environment, after which we left Lonavala.

It was very hard to say Goodbye to Lonavala but I had too. Even today I feel that I have seen more than I remember & remember more than I have seen. This trip, maybe was a short one but indeed it made me realize that life is a journey, not a destination, to travel is to live through it. Hence, this trip is my favourite & most memorable trip.


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