Places to be visited in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Telangana. It is more popular for its rich heritage and the tourist places that attract not only the local people but also the international tourists. The heritage of the city is at one end while the modern culture can be seen in at the other end with metros connecting every corner of the city. It also holds the base for many MNC companies in IT sector as well as in Pharma and Manufacturing sector. It is holds many research and development organisations like DRDL, BHEL, DLRL, DERL and BrahMos.


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Here are the few places that are to be kept in mind when you visit Hyderabad.

1. Charminar

Maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, Charminar is the most prominent landmark in Hyderabad on the main road of Charminar Road. It is also called as 'Arc de Triomphe of the East'. It is also called the 'Mosque of the four minarets', which marks the new era of the Arabic Period. The name Charminar is an Urdu word, where 'Char' means 'Four' and 'Minar' meaning 'Turret'. This name is rightly justified as it has four pillars which are carved exquisitely on each corner of the structure. Since its inception in 1591, Charminar has always been an eye-catching site to be visited by every tourist for its architectural beauty as well as its historical as well as religious beliefs.


The monument is a treat to watch when all the lights are switched on.


The monument was built by Sultan Quli Qutub Shah in 1591, which was believed that the square structure with four pillars is built in the honour of his wife,Bhagmati. However, there are no conclusive evidences behind this claim though.

There are many theories that are believed behind the construction of the monument, there are the following prominent conclusions:

One of the prominent belief is that this structure was build as an offering to Allah after      elimination of Plague which effected the entire city immensely during that era.
The second prominent belief is that it was the place where the sultan has seen his wife      Bhagmati for the first time.
The other belief is that it was built in the memory of Prophet Muhammed's son in law       who lost his life in the battle of Karbala.
According to French traveller, Jean de Thevenot it is believed that this structure is built to       mark the start of second Islamic millennium.
Historian Mohammed Saifullah beliefs that the structure was built as the epicentre of the       city.

Construction and Modifications

The construction of the Charminar was started in the year 1589 and lasted for 2 years      before it was inaugurated in 1591, which costed about 9 lakhs which was equivalent to 2       lakh Huns/gold coins which was the then currency.
It is believed that the foundation was 30 feet deep and the monument weighed around       14000 tonnes.
The Charminar is a 4 storeyed building which has about 45 prayer spaces and has a       mosque on the top floor.
It is believed that the Charminar is the first building in Hyderabad which had more than        one floor.
One of the minaret has fallen down in 1860, as it was struck by a lightning and the repair      works costed around Rs.58,000
Some part of it was renovated by Sikandar Jha at the expense of Rs.2 lakhs in 1820.
It is also believed that there is a secret tunnel between Charminar and the Golconda fort    for the royal family to escape in times of enemy attack. However, no such tunnel was      found till date.

Places to visit near Charminar

Charminar is also surrounded by other tourist spots which are at a walkable distance less that 10 minutes. The places include the Mecca Masjid, Laad Bazar which is also called as the Choodi Bazar and the Chow Mahallah Palace.

Timings and Entry Fee

The entry fee for Indians is 5 Rupees and for foreigners it is 100 Rupees. The monument is open for visitors everyday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. The best time to visit this monument is from October to March as this period offers the best experience of sight seeing and never miss out the evenings which is a visual treat where the monument shines out in colours when the lights are switched on.

1. Golconda Fort
2. Mecca Majid
3. Laad Bazar
4. Raam Ki Bandi
5. Birla Planetarium
6. Hussain Sagar
7. Necklace Road
8. Lumbini Park
9. Birla Mandir
10. NTR Gardens
11. Khairtabad Ganesh
12. Jalvihar
13. Snow world
14. Chowmahalla Palace
15. Qutub Shahi Tombs
16. Nehru Zoo Park
17. Salar Jung Museum
18. Ramoji Film City
19. Purana Haveli
20. Shilparamam
21. Chilkur Balaji Temple
22. Mount Opera
23. Sanghi Temple
24. Durgam Cheruvu and Cable Bridge
25. KBR Park
26. Hitex City
27. Konda Pochamma Reservoir