Mussoorie - Queen of Hills

More than just a tiny hill station, Mussoorie is famously and fondly known as the 'Queen of Hills'. The hills of North India have a seemingly magical aura about them that can be experienced by trekking, hiking, a family visit, a group affair, or a solo adventure. Foggy air, chilly zephyrs, hidden sun, damp grass, stunning vistas, and the fragrant pine trees of this hill make one feel like they're part of a fantasy movie. Beauty lies in the little things, and it's these things that make Mussoorie worthy of it's nickname.

Mussoorie is a beautiful place but the route to Mussoorie is also beautiful. You can travel by bus for the best experience. There are multiple online bus ticket agencies and companies who gives you great deals and offers for online bus tickets purchase. You can book multiple trip bus tickets for example from Delhi to Dehradun and from Dehradun to Mussoorie.

If you don't like traveling there are Sleeper buses you can book Sleeper bus tickets and can sleep comfortably during the journey. All this information is provided because travelling from bus is the best way to enjoy the journey in everyday. Now here are some must visit places in Mussoorie :-

1.Kempty Falls

The Kempty is one of the popular tourist destinations and well known name in Uttrakhand. This is situated near Mussoorie. Situated 1,364 meter above sea level, this beautiful falls founded by John Mekinan, a British army officer in 1835. The Kempty falls surrounded by high and beautiful mountains range at 4,500 ft altitude. Lacks of Tourists come to enjoy the surrounding almost every time of the year.


2. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is the highest peak's topmost point and most famous place in Mussoorie. Popular among tourists and travellers for viewing long trails of major mountain peaks as well as romantic sunset and sunrise, Lal Tibba is located at Depot Hill in Landour. One can take close look at the peaks like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Banderpunch etc with telescope which was installed long back in 1967 by the municipality.

Apart from mountain views, tranquil environment of Lal Tibba is relaxing. It also has old British architectural style hill houses where Indian Military services and Broadcasting stations or towers of All India Radio and Doordarshan are working now.


3. Gun Hill Point

Gun Hill is the second highest point of Mussoorie, located at an altitude of 2024m. It is accessible by a cable car, and it offers an enthralling view that one shouldn't miss! The 400m ropeway ride is fun and all through the travel, you will get to enjoy a panoramic view of this scenic hill station. A land of nature's treasure.


4. Company Garden

The garden has a lush green carpet of lawns and a fountain, which is located in its center. It has nearly 800 different types of flowers, including Dahlias, Begonia, Pansy and Petunia. The garden has a nursery, which offers a wide range of plants for sale.

There is also an artificial lake with a small artificial waterfall. For the kids, the garden also has an amusement park with several adventurous rides. Boating facility is also available in the small lake at the garden. There is a small market inside the garden where visitors can buy local made items. A telescope is also installed to have a closer look of the surrounding peaks. It is a popular place of sightseeing in Mussoorie. The park is maintained by the Garden Welfare Association of Mussoorie.


5. Clouds End

The bungalow built in 1838 by a British Major was one of the first four buildings of Mussoorie. The bungalow has since then been converted into a hotel called Clouds End, and is situated at the extreme west of Mussoorie Hill, 8 km from library. The resort is surrounded by thick forest, offers a wide variety of flora & fauna besides a panoramic view of snow clad Himalayas & Yamuna River. The most ideally suited resort for foreigners and honeymoon couples.