Things to do while travelling at long bus ride :

Now a days cars and other vehicles trains and all comes with technical equipments then what should we do if we want to do a long bus ride, then there are so many things that we can do on a long bus ride, we can take a nap on a trip while travelling in a bus we can make our jacket into our pillows, we can feel that fresh air coming out from the windows, although for this activity we need to prepare some activities that in the end of the day you will feel refreshed and will be full of pay off , you just need to think on the basic activities and common activities not on the big activities, like backpacking, food and some equipment that you need while traveling that's it.

While travelling booking bus ticket from from their website, checking out your off coupons rather than this we can also take out time to decide every what should be taken with us while riding on a bus. We can take up Bingo game, x and 0's game, snake and ladders game and etc these types of games will make a trip more enjoyable.

We can shoot a blog, can click photos of the nature outside the window, can take selfies with friends as a memory that you have travelled in this bus and travelled to that place where you are going, that will make your memories still with you till the end and whenever you will see those pictures of yours when you have clicked those you will feel so happy at that time that you have travelled with your friends with such a good memories.

And a lot of things that we can do....

1. Write

You can stare out your window and watch beautiful sceneries and capture those moments. From there you can start writing about your bus journey or write a song or poem. You can also write about foods at local shops.

2. Listen to music

A good music can change your whole mood and can make your bus trip even more enjoyable. By listening your favourite song on bus you will be transported to some different world.

3. Read

Reading can make you feel long hour journey very short. You can carry your favourite book while travelling on bus trip.

4. Arrange or delete your photos

Everybody wants delete old photos or organize them properly but never got time for that or felt too bored doing that. Bus trip is a right time to do that you can re-arrange all your photo and delete photo which you always wanted to do and make some free space in device.

5. Play games

One of my most favourite thing to do on a bus ride. I remember playing games during my whole trip. You can play any game online or offline with your travelling partner. Some of my faviourite games are Subway surfers, Ludo king.

6. Sleep

Everybody loves to sleep no matter what the age is. By getting enough sleep and getting up can make your feel refreshened.

Why Bus transport is important?

Bus transport is important as it carries a large number of people from cities to cities and      also to villages
Bus transport is a good way of transport as tourists can enjoy local attractions of the city       and enjoy sceneries around them.
It provides fast moving and also minimises the travel time.
You don't have worry about your luggage while travelling in bus but same is not case with       flight you keep worrying about your luggage during whole flight journey
You can carry as many luggage you want there is no restrictions of weight to carry during       bus trip.