How to Plan a Trip

Planning for a trip beforehand is a must. We do not want to miss any "must-visit sites" or "must-try food items" only because we didn't come up with a plan.

The most important things to plan are the hotels and transport. We should always pick a hotel which is nearby all the places we wish to visit and book it in advance so that we won't deal with "no rooms available".

The next important thing is booking of transport. If you have decided the dates and duration of the trip, it is always advisable to book tickets online in advance. Now-a-days, we get so many offers and discounts on online booking that makes it fruitful to book tickets online.

For a trip you can travel to your destination in multiple ways:

1. By Train

If your destination is a bit far from your place and you require comfort, and you are on a budget, you can book train tickets.

2. By Air

If you are planning an overseas trip or you want to reach your destination as fast as possible, the airway is the answer.

3. By Bus

If the destination in approximately about 12hr you can comfortably travel in a bus. You can book your bus tickets online with As mentioned earlier, you'll get amazing and exclusive offers and guarantee of a comfortable journey!! And if by chance your plans change, a cancellation policy is available as well.

4. By Car/Taxi

If you love road trips and want the comfort of stopping in between your journey, you can hire a driver or can drive a car yourself to your destination.

This was all about stay and travel. Other than this, one must always research about places to visit where one is going. Especially if you are going with a family, it is wise to pick locations you all like and visit them one-by-one. This will save you a lot of time and your trip will go smoothly. Otherwise, if you want to add adventure and surprise to your trip, or you like to "go with the flow", you can skip this part if you want!!

Another important thing is food. We all wish to eat specialties of the place we are visiting and therefore knowing about these dishes and the restaurants that offer them is a must.

After everything is carefully planned out, the next thing to do is to pack. You should always take care of the amount of baggage you take to a trip. Pack according to the number of days, and only enough that won't be a burden to take with you. Pack clothes according to the place and weather, because you don't want to catch a cold on your trip. For trekking and hiking and similar adventure sports keep in mind to take your shoes with you. Also keep a medical kit with you with essential medicines, like for stomach aches, headaches, cold and some Band-Aids etc.

With this we talked about everything from booking online tickets to carrying a medical kit. So now you are good to go!!!

Plan your next trip with , get amazing discounts, offers, and services. Keep social distancing and all safety precautions in mind and have a great trip!!