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Tips for Travelling Solo

1. Book Tickets in Advance:

Booking hotels and bus tickets online is a must. When dates of the trip are decided, one should book tickets beforehand to make sure they have a comfortable journey and stay throughout their trip.

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2. Book Homestays:

Now-a-days there's availability of number of homestays provided by locals of the place you visit. It can be a budget friendly option and the bonus is you get to meet new people!

3. Know Your Routes:

If you are traveling on your own, either by riding a bike or driving a car you should be aware of all the routes that take you to your desired destinations.

Now-a-days, GPS surely makes our work easier, but sometimes due to network issues or low battery we can face unwanted problems. Therefore knowing the routes and the alternatives is a wise decision.

You can also take help from the locals on your way.

4. Research Your Destination:

When you are traveling to a place, you will want to cover as many places as you want. How will you do that in a limited duration trip? Easy!! Plan it beforehand. Some people like hills more than lakes, some like museums and others like hiking. You just have to plan your sites according to your likes and you can cover places easily and without wasting time.

Prior researching about the city or state you are visiting also gives you an idea about the unexplored sites and interesting facts which adds more excitement for your trip.

5. Pack only the Essentials:

We all can get a little overboard while packing our bags for trips. Not knowing what might be of use, or what might make you look good in photos, you'll be compelled to pack extras with you. This is a big NO-NO!!

Especially when traveling solo, take only the essential items.

Favorably take a luggage you can easily carry, like a bag-pack. Pack clothes according to the weather and number of days of the trip, or maybe some days you can cross-match your outfits!!

6. First Aid is Must:

While traveling solo, you won't have a helping hand to buy you medicines when you need. Therefore, being prepared is always a good option. Taking medicines for headaches, stomach aches, cold, cough etc is a good precautionary measure.

7. Safety First:

While solo traveling can be fun, you must take care of your safety. Always carry a pepper spray with you for immediate defense.

8. Water and Food:

Although you will get ample of shops where you can buy water and food, it's always good to carry a water bottle and some snacks with you. Saves you money and you can eat and quench your thirst wherever you are.

9. Book with a Travel Agency:

If all of this seems too much to plan and handle, you can book your trip with travel agencies online. You'll get a whole itinerary planned for you, few other solo travelers will accompany you and you will be safely guided throughout the trip.

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