A Trip to Ahmedabad

One of the largest cities of India, Ahmedabad is a famous tourist destination in Gujarat. Crowned as one of the "Safest Cities" and as the "Sixth Cleanest City" of India, Ahmedabad is a great place to travel to with family or to take a solo trip.

So let's see the things you can do while in Ahmedabad.

Sabarmati Ashram

Home of Mahatma Gandhi, the one who led the freedom fight of Indian Independence is located in Ahmedabad and is open for people to visit. You can visit and take a look at the household from where Mahatma Gandhi came from.


Kankaria Lake

One of the largest lakes in Ahmedabad, Kankaria Lake offers toy train ride, water rides, zoo, and many such entertainment attractions.


Jama Masjid

A beautifully carved Mosque built in 1424 under the regime of Ahmad Shah 1.


Hutheesing Jain Temple

The temple has intricate designs and reflects the architectural heritage of Indian culture.


Shop for Clothes

Ahmedabad is famous for its textiles. Shop beautifully printed clothes for occasions like Diwali, navratri or a wedding.


Enjoy Gujarati Street Food

Gujarat is famous for its delicious and unique dishes like fafda, thepla, khakhra etc. Try all these tasty dishes and more while in Ahmedabad.


You can also travel to Gandhinagar, just 40 mins away from Ahmedabad and visit various museums, Nature Park, and Sant Sarovar Dam.

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