Learning the local language is one of the best decisions you can choose to make before any trip. Learning even a few phrases allows you to communicate and experience travel in a different way.It adds depth and a new variation to your trip, making it more memorable while also opening the door to new opportunities.

Knowing the local language helps you in two basic ways:

First, you become instantly more likable to the other person. In fact, after a bit of small talk, you might even get a discount or some other kind of special service. The second reason you should know the local language is to demonstrate that you have some level of understanding of how "things work" locally. The other person may assume that you've visited before and know your way around and how much things cost. This gives them less reason and opportunity to take advantage of you because they understand that the person has basic knowledge and cannot bluff you easily.

Meeting new people and making friends is one of the biggest rewards of traveling.

The most important reason to learn the local language is that it sounds humble. It doesn't matter if you travel to the Netherlands or Norway, where people are known to speak excellent English - the thing to remember is that you're a guest over there so You don't need to be fluent either. Being "travel fluent" and just learning a few essential travel phrases goes a long way. Rather you'll notice that people are more willing to go the extra mile for you because they see you're trying to be respectful and polite.

A great place to get started is by learning these five words/phrases:
Thank you
I would like..

Languages are like bridges: they unite us. When you speak to people in their language, you're able to go below the surface of a destination and have an authentic experience as you can connect with them,you feel a sense of togetherness with the local people rather than having a feeling of alienness.

Learning local languages is important as you can explore more places by speaking to someone and if you are travelling by bus through busandticket.com, we will make sure of your comfort, safety and security.