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Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

Nellore is a significant historically district in Andhra Pradesh, there are several temples in that area that it is an important spiritual and religious hub. In the past the district was under the Mouryas, Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyans, etc. Situated at a location between the big cities of Chennai and Vijayawada, Nellore is also famous for trade and commerce. In the midst of all these, this place is blessed with natural beauty and blissful ambience. Busandticket buses give you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time here at any these famous temples and popular destinations.

Famous Cultural Places at Nellore.


Udayagiri Fort.

Standing majestically over 3000 ft in height, this fort is situated around 100 km away from the Nellore. Although only the remains of the fort are still intact at the top of the hills, there is lush green all around and historical building are sprinkled around the same.


Venkatagiri Fort

Venkatagiri fort is comparatively a new fort build in the year 1775. Under the Vijayanagar empire, the fort consists of the other temples, which make it more famous foe the tourists. Today this fort is also known as eco-friendly premises and has became the hot-spot for eco-tourism.


Sarvepalli Lake Near Nellore

Nellore district is the host of several historical, religious, cultural monuments. There are the temples, forts, bird sanctuary, etc. You can easily reach any of the destination travelling by Busandticket bus from with in the state and from the other state.

How to reach Nellore by Bus?

Nellore happens to be trading hub in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. Due to its proximate to Chennai, the place has good connectivity with other parts of the state and the neighbouring state, you can easily find Busandticket buses from the most of the famous cities near this district. For many, Nellore is just known as “rice bowl”, but it holds the much more important than we would give it credit for. For all your plans you don’t need to wait for train or the flite, the best option is buses which can take you all the remote areas.