Chandigarh - Beautiful City

A lot of tourists visit Chandigarh every year. This place is full of greenery, systematic and still have a coating of modernity in it. The climatic conditions make this city an enticing tourist attraction, for the domestic as well as internationals tourists. There are different places to visit in Chandigarh for happy memories. provides you with the best service without facing inconvenience of standing in queues at the bus stations for the confirmation of your tickets. You can easily book bus tickets online from Delhi to Chandigarh with ease and at cheap price. So to visit different places in Chandigarh you should book you tickets online on

1. Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is easily the most unique of all the places to visit in Chandigarh. Nek Chand's fantasy land is a labyrinth of walkways that connect multilevel displays of whimsical sculpture created out of junk, ceramic waste and debris. Over 2,000 figures have been erected in about 40 acres of land over a period of 20 years, making this site unique as well as a basic lesson in recycling.


Distance from city centre: 4.5 kilometres Best time to visit: Between 9-6 pm from October to March Reasonable time to spend: A minimum of 5 hours Tips: Avoid weekends and public holidays. Carry sun protection and water.

2. Capitol Complex

Chandigarh's Capitol Complex is an open air museum dedicated to the vision of its creator. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Capitol Complex comprises of the High Court, the Secretariat, the Vidhan Sabha and the iconic Open Hand sculpture - all pieces of art formed out of large swathes of concrete. The Open Hand sculpture is the face of and defines the identity of the city

Distance from city centre: 3.2 kilometres Best time to visit: Visit between October and March. Guided tours at 10am, 12am and 3pm Reasonable time to spend: 1.5 hours Tips: Avoid weekends and public holidays. Carry sun protection and water.


3. Sukhna Lake

The Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake made around the time Chandigarh was designed. An integral part of the city now, it has also become a part of the daily lives of city residents. Morning and evening walkers head to its pretty paths, and families descend upon it in the evenings for the varied entertainment the complex offers. The lake is very often a venue for large scale events.


Distance from city centre: 5.6 kilometres Best time to visit: Between 9-5pm from October to March Reasonable time to spend: 2 hours Tips: Avoid weekends and public holidays. Carry sun protection and water.

4. Rose Garden

Zakir Rose Garden is bang in the centre of the city, developed as part of a green belt that runs through its length. The Rose Garden is home to hundreds of rose species which are showcased in an annual festival every February or March. Accessible from all sides, it has walkers, children and tourists visit in the mornings and evenings.

Distance from city centre: 2.4 kilometres Best time to visit: Summer mornings and evenings, and through the day in the winter Reasonable time to spend: 2 hours Tips: Avoid weekends and public holidays. Carry sun protection and water.


5. Sector 17 market complex

The Sector 17 market has been designed along with the city as an open air shopping complex. Local businesses rub shoulders with international brands, food chains, fountain displays, an open stage and street vendors to give an eclectic feel to the market. An evening here should take care of all your shopping and entertainment.


6. Butterfly park

The authorities dedicate the butterfly park of chandigarh for extensive care of butterflies. This seven acre park ensures that the landscaping is attractive and pleasing to the eye.


7. Mohali cricket stadium

The home of the IPL team kings XI Punjab, the Mohali cricket stadium is the seat of the Punjab cricket association. It was established in 1993. Many tourists visit each year.


8. Nepli Reserve forests

Here you will find beautiful landscapes that are hard to find in plain areas. If you love forest adventure, get a permit and check into this place that will give you an exciting experience.