Book a bus for Office and School trip from

Planning for an office or school trip with group of people requires proper management. You can hire a bus from BusandTicket understands the need for comfortable and enjoyable trip. BusandTicket gives you the privilege to plan your trip, you can choose sleeper,semi-sleeper AC/non AC or any other types of bus you prefer,for your trip.

Use travel points where you can.

Travel points can make a big difference in the cost of a business trip. Check to see if your business has a credit card that has travel points on it that haven't been used. You might be able to use them the next time you book a hotel.

Prior planning is essential

Don't wait until your team has reached the destination before you decide where to eat as a group. Last-minute changes to your schedule can have big costs.Therefore, Plan ahead to book your meals at decently-priced restaurants and hotels that aren't too expensive.

School Field Trips

If you're traveling with students you would like to ensure that you collect important information about each passenger on the bus, and set up an emailing list or a contact list to ensure that no one is too early or late for their bus trip. Whether travelling for a marching band competition, class field trip, or summer camp, your bus driver will be able to transport kids to places of fun activities outside the city.