Should I travel by train or by bus?

It totally depends upon the persons preferences. However I would choose traveling by bus on any day and any time because journey by buses are less tiring and you get to interact with different people on bus also you can consider few points while booking bus and train ticket

  • Bus ticket can be booked on last moment also but for train you have to book tickets well in advance.
  • You get to see places while travelling by bus but you wont be able to see places while travelling in trains as it travels stations to stations.
  • The main reason why I prefer bus over train is because trains delays are very common here in our India.
  • Buses can go to places but same is not the case with train it travels from station to station only.
  • Buses are more convenient for travelling in India.

First of all travelling in bus is cheaper than train. This is a very crucial period so while travelling in train there are very less chances to be safe whereas if you travel in bus there are less people and no one can enter the bus just like that. And travelling through can make sure safety of specially women, children and old people as it provides good services.

Train doesn't have any security of luggage whereas in bus the bus-conductor keeps a eye on every passenger.

If you love travel you can always prefer a bus over a train because train goes from one destination to another with few chances that you can see the beauty outside whereas if you will travel by a bus it goes through city mountains and hills which you can enjoy and take up the memories with you.