Popular sites of Mysore to visit

Mysore is a city in the southern part of the state of Karnataka, India.

This city has a unique blend of cultural architectural heritage along with the essence of nature. This beautiful city has so much to offer to a traveller. You will have some unforgettable memories once you visit Mysore.

Things to do in Mysore

1. Mysore palace- Admire the Grandeur

Also known as the Ambavilas palace, visiting this palace should be the top things to do while you are in Mysore. You will definitely enjoy visiting this place.


2. Visit the Mysore zoo

You can see every animal in this famous Mysore zoo. Visiting this place and exploring it should be your top things to do.


3. Chamundi Hills

You shouldn't miss out this place. You can find the perfect view of Mysore when you are on top of hill. If you believe in god then you wouldn't want to miss the blessing of Goddess Chamundeshwari.


4. Memory world Max museum

This is the third largest museum in India. As the name suggests the museum showcases the collection of over a hundred wax statues and over three hundred music instruments.

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