Popular sites of Alibaug to visit

Alibaug is a beautiful place to visit if you are looking forward to have some relaxing time. This place can surely give you some lifetime experiences.

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According to me, I think the visiting in winter might the best thing because you can experience the mild weather during the day and enjoy the calm sea and soothing air breeze flowing.
A energizing morning walk on the beach. Followed by a lazy afternoon and in the evening you can go to beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset.


What all things you can do while you are in Alibaug

  • You can enjoy water sports in Alibaug
  • You can visit Kolaba fort or Alibaug fort which is one of the most important tourist attraction.
  • Stay in gorgeous villas facing the seaside is one the popular things to do in Alibaug.
  • Shopping in Alibaug.
  • Visit beaches.

I think you should definitely visit this place as you will get some time to relax yourself and get some lifetime experience.