Traveling for the first time on the bus and have no idea what to do. Here are some of the tips you can try out.

Before leaving check all your traveling essentials such as your ID cards, mobile phone, earphones, power banks, etc. Carry some packaged food so you don't have to stay hungry with a grumbling stomach. Make sure you reach your bus station 30 mins before the departure and look for your bus. After finding your bus search for your booked seat and make sure whether it is clean. When your journey begins don't scroll your social media sites enjoy the view get into the vibe with the journey. Besides this read a book with the cold breeze of air coming through the window. Apart from this try to connect with other passengers sitting next to you ask them about their experience ups and downs while traveling on a bus so that in your next bus trip you don't come across those problems.

Team BusandTicket wishes you a very happy and a safe journey. Keep Traveling Experience the vibe of nature :)

What to do on a long bus trip if your mobile phone is dead?

Well, of course, it's difficult to stay without your phone on a long journey but yeah, it's not impossible there is a beautiful world outside apart from your social media world, busy corporate work and daily hustles. Enjoy the cold breeze of air coming from the window of your seat indulge your mind and soul in that trip. Read your most liked book which you can't read because of your daily hustle life. Create your travel journal write about the most beautiful spots you've come across on the beautiful bus trip. Chit-chat with your friends and family members as it is the best opportunity to get their attention. Talk to the passenger next to your seat get some information about your destination, local cuisine, their culture, and many more.

Team BusandTicket
Wishes you a happy and safe trip. Enjoy your Bus ride and Happy Travelling :)