Places to be visited in OOty(Tamil Nadu)

I have been to ooty in 2018 and I had a great experience there. I wonder when will I get a chance to visit Ooty again. Ooty is a great place to visit . Covered with beautiful sceneries in which ever direction you look. The small ooty is located in Nilgiris hills in Tamil Nadu.

There are many good places which you can visit in ooty such as

1. Botanical Garden

The garden is very beautiful garden with more than 650 species of flora and fauna.


2. Rose Garden

This is a garden which you must visit because you might think that it may be a usual garden with more roses but when you will visit the garden there are more than 2800 species of roses in that garden.


3. Pine Forest

In the pine forest the towering pine trees are arranged in a small downhill area and the forest makes the area delightful scenic view offering an atmosphere peace and calmness.


4. Kamaraj Sagar Dam

This Dam is a popular picnic spot, the Dam offers scenic views and is surrounded by lush green forests. Also it is a great spot for fishing.


5. Pykara Falls

The Pykara Falls is a great picnic spot with a beautiful lake, pine trees and of cousre , the waterfall. This lake attracts the visitors as it provides boating facility.

Along with these places there are many more places to visit in Ooty. Overall it's a great place to visit any time in the year.


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