Frequently Asked Questions

  • Traveling in a bus is cheaper than owing a car or taking flight.
  • You can book a ticket on last moment also but if you are booking a ticket for train, flight so for that you have to book in advance but for bus you don't need to.
  • It is less stressful than other transports.
  • If you want more cheaper ticketfor bus then you should go for bus and ticket where you will find more cheaper price of tickets than other busticket websites
  • Here we provide a lot in low price.
  • On occasion we provide discounts, coupons and lot.

Nowadays people are more concerned about scams happening in the online ticket booking but if it is done from a right channel then there is no chance you will be cheated.

There are plenty of benefit of using an online booking, It is time saving and hassle free way to get the tickets for your desired bus but it has to be done from the right website.

I would highly recommend you to visit as their services are more secure and safe and they always come up with some exciting offers for the customers and you can book your online ticket from there and even if you face any problem while booking a ticket, or during transaction you can always contact them at any time. They have 24/7 customer service available.

Happy Travelling!!

If you are looking for safe and most secure bus travel at night for your sister then I will suggest you to look at as they give top priority to women's safety they ensure that if a women is travelling alone at night and if she books ticket through busandticket they make sure that she is a given a seat beside a lady passenger only this is done to make her feel comfortable throughout her journey and she feels safe. You can also checkout reviews about the past experiences of the customers.

If you are looking for safe and most secure bus travel at night for your sister then I will suggest you to look at as they give top priority to women's safety they ensure that if a women is travelling alone at night and if she books ticket through busandticket they make sure that she is a given a seat beside a lady passenger only this is done to make her feel comfortable throughout her journey and she feels safe. You can also checkout reviews about the past experiences of the customers.

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  • No you don't need to carry the printout of the ticket. Only an e-ticket required on your mobile and you can show this ticket onboarding on buses.
  • For the safer, side you can carry an Aadhar card or PAN card of INDIA.after that you can enjoy your journey.
  • In the case of you don't need to think about extra luggage because all buses have lots of space for luggage and security that is first class.
  • If luggage quantity and weight are so much then you just need to give the little amount as per the rule given by
  • Lots of positive responses came from users that they have the best security of their luggage and they just way to start censored based luggage in their buses.
  • You get to travel different places at very lower cost as compared to its competitors and they also give exclusive offers and cashback options to its customers.
  • Women safety If a women travel alone at night then she will be given seat beside a women passenger only. This is to make her feel more comfortable to travel alone at night.
  • You avoid standing at long queues for buying tickets at offline bus counter.
  • You spend less and get to Enjoy more with busandticket.
  • It covers more than 30000 Routes and they have 1400 operators across India.
  • Customer can view price details of bus, types of bus, bus routes and can also check other customers reviews.
  • Busandticket values the money of its customers and provide proper services and make sure that trip is secure and comfortable till they arrive at their final destination.

It totally depends upon the persons preferences. However I would choose traveling by bus on any day and any time because journey by buses are less tiring and you get to interact with different people on bus also you can consider few points while booking bus and train ticket.

  • Bus ticket can be booked on last moment also but for train you have to book tickets well in advance.
  • You get to see places while travelling by bus but you wont be able to see places while travelling in trains as it travels stations to stations.
  • The main reason why I prefer bus over train is because trains delays are very common here in our India.
  • Buses can go to places but same is not the case with train it travels from station to station only.
  • Buses are more convenient for travelling in India.

Check out for booking tickets online.

Whenever we want to visit a place, be it for business purposes, vacations, sightseeing, the main thing is how we travel to that location. The travel must be comfortable otherwise we might get tired even before the trip starts.

Therefore online booking off tickets is important.

  • Assures your travel: when we tend to rely on on-the-spot ticket booking it may happen that the tickets get sold out. Consequently we will have to miss out business meeting or the vacation we wanted to go to. Therefore prior booking of tickets becomes important.
  • Safety: online sites provide us the comfort of checking the buses beforehand. It gives us the guarantee of the sanitation they provide and the quality of the bus.
  • Discounts: The sites tend to offer various coupons and discounts to their regular customers or first time customers. Travelling is expensive and to save money on conveyance means more for the trip. And besides it's always better to save some money.
  • Easy to Book: online booking sites are made user friendly and easy to use. We can select the type of bus we want,the date of departure, place of departure and the destination and various options of buses are automatically listed.
  • Easy cancellation: Sometimes things don't work out as we planned and we have to cancel our trips. The site offers a cancellation policy where we can get 100% refund if we cancel our bus ticket 12 hours to 24 hours prior to the journey.
  • Seating Arrangement: we can easily look at the seating arrangement of a bus and can plan our seats accordingly. The site offers the policy where seats next to female customers are given to other female customers during night travel.

There's always risk when you are in a crowded bus or ticket but if you take the precaution you are safe!You should know how much distance you can keep from other people.Make sure the bus are going in must be properly sanitized and covid measures are followed.

  • When you choose busandticket you will find that every measure it taken.
  • We provide you comfort, hygiene and safety.

There are chance that you might miss or lose your bus ticket, but why to worry when you have booked your ticket online!

When you book your ticket through you will give you a copy of your bus ticket in your indox. You can also obtain it through your email id.Igf you don't receive a mail or message you can contact our call centres and our executives who will resend you a copy.

Well, of course, it's difficult to stay without your phone on a long journey but yeah, it's not impossible there is a beautiful world outside apart from your social media world, busy corporate work and daily hustles. Enjoy the cold breeze of air coming from the window of your seat indulge your mind and soul in that trip. Read your most liked book which you can't read because of your daily hustle life. Create your travel journal write about the most beautiful spots you've come across on the beautiful bus trip. Chit-chat with your friends and family members as it is the best opportunity to get their attention. Talk to the passenger next to your seat get some information about your destination, local cuisine, their culture, and many more.

Team BusandTicket wishes you a happy and safe trip.Enjoy your Bus ride and Happy Travelling :)

First of all travelling in bus is cheaper than train. This is a very crucial period so while travelling in train there are very less chances to be safe whereas if you travel in bus there are less people and no one can enter the bus just like that.

Train doesn't have any security of luggage whereas in bus the bus-conductor keeps a eye on every passenger.

If you love travel you can always prefer a bus over a train because train goes from one destination to another with few chances that you can see the beauty outside whereas if you will travel by a bus it goes through city mountains and hills which you can enjoy and take up the memories with you.

We should choose bus over train because train sometimes take lot of time to travel because of the stations where they have to pick other passengers but in bus we don't need to wait for the passengers on every stops for traveling long distance.

And sometimes we have to adjust in a train for sitting on our seat even if we have already booked the seat but as you can see in bus we are comfortable on our seat as we paid for that booked seat, we don't need to adjust for someone else who we don't know. So that's why we should go for a bus over train.

As we all know, booking tickets can be a bit tedious. is a website that avails booking tickets hassle free and with a user friendly experience. This website offers you tickets at a pocket friendly rate with multiple opportunities of cash backs and coupons. It takes proper precautionary measures to ensure travelers well-being and safety. It offers premium and exceptional services with a wide spectrum of selection from Non A/C to Luxury Coaches-74. The website even offers various useful features for female travelers to ensure their safety. You can even hire buses for school/office trips.

  • Currently with all the pandemic safety and everything is the best to enjoy your journey on the bus.
  • With various coupons and different offers they provide you with the best deals.
  • 100 percent transparency with the customers.
  • As compared to other company services, at safety of the passengers are always maintained.
  • provides you a 24x7 service on the website with great offers and deals.
  • You can book bus tickets from anywhere and at anytime in India.
  • You can contact customer care at to resolve all your bus booking queries.
  • The user-friendly online platform.
  • You can get well buses with the verified drivers from the Busandticket.
  • You can get a 50% refund if the bus fails due to technical error.
  • You can contact the 24/7 customer services to resolve any issue regarding travel.
  • You can live track the journey through the tracking links.
  • The safety initiative of Busandticket has make the travelling safer.
  • Vehicles with issues are repaired or replace without any delay.

Busandticket aims to provide the best travel arrangement for your planesitinerary at an affordable price range. The booking process of Busandticket is quick and easy with the instruction mention on the website. For the local trip share the date and duration of sightseeing pick-up and dropping point Delhi, number of passengers, and your contract detail. Weather it is one day sightseeing or a long vacation to Delhi outskirt. Busandticket will provide the right vehicle for your most awaited trip.

Delhi is the one of the most popular and busiest metropolitan cities in India. The place with rich history boasts momuments and memorials of freedom fighters, breath-taking Mughal and Hindu architectures, and mouthwatering local dishes.

Delhi is also infamously known for its hour-long traffic jams, extreme weather conditions, and air pollution. Hence to enjoy sightseeing in Delhi, it is preferable to hire a bus from Busandticket who knows how to navigate the city traffic.

  • I think is best bus ticket website because they not only have cheaper price but they do provide amazing offers and cashback on bus ticket booking.
  • You can book the seat of your choice and you can also get travel insurance for your trips. They always come up with some exciting offers for every season.
  • You can choose to travel with Volvo buses, luxury buses, AC/ Non-AC buses or many other bus at very reasonable price.
  • If you face any problem during the booking you can always contact them. They have 24/7 customer support available.
  • No there is no chance that you can get scammed by any online fraud.
  • Because now a days we are used to online transactions and we all very well know how to pay for goods and services online. If you feel someone is going to take your money through online fraud then just check on the Google bar if your search starts with "https" you are safe to do online transaction and if it is "http" then you need to contact your service provider and give a complaint to cyber crime cell
  • Also if you have done the payment and you still feel that someone has fraudulent you then just call on the site and check.

Group trips are not just trips, it contain memories, emotions,fun and a journey to be remembered! A wise man rightly said, "Sometimes", journey is more beautiful than "destination". And to make this more wonderful and lively, is the right option!

Do you still remember during school picnic we used to run and grab the window seat and keep our bags on other seat for our friend to be together for the whole journey ? But, now you don't have to worry about the window seat as you can book your favourite window seat on just a click! Moreover, your friends don't have to be seated on different places and you can now enjoy to the fullest. Your YJHD (Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani) type group trip is going to come true, all you need to do is book your ticket from and pack your bags.

You don't have to worry about the bus ticket cancellation process because BusandTicket has got your back.

The following are the steps to cancel your bus ticket online.

  • Visit our website
  • At the top of the website, you will see Manage Bookings.
  • Click on Manage Bookings.
  • Click on cancel.
  • A page will appear asking for your reference number and your email ID.
  • Type your reference number which you have received and type your email ID which you had given during booking bus ticket.
  • Click on submit after entering the required details.

For a round trip to Mysore, I think the website which I personally used is the best and under budget, prices for tickets also there.

The best part is all buses are on the time at boarding and dropping places so you don't need it.

You will get an extra discount if you go on a round trip plus lots of codes also present that you can enter on payment time to get instant discount.

specially in this Covid time where your safety and precautions are matters, is the best option for that. They have continuously sanitization and providing of the mask to each passenger, Got me to choose this option.

You can go for any bus ticket booking website but if you want a pocket-friendly trip then I will suggest Book Bus Ticket Online - Leading Online Bus Booking Website in India ( .

You just need to click on this link and just enter in the source and destination section (Delhi to Raipur) and select the date for your trip. After that just click on Search buses.

After that, you can go for seat selection and just apply a code to get an instant discount and you good to go for your trip with best safety provided by

  • You can find our website by typing in Google as ONLINE BUS BOOKING - SEARCH BUSES ONLINE (
  • On the website, you will find the source and destination option with two more options
    (1) One way
    (2) Round trip.
  • Then you need to select the date of Boarding on a bus.
  • After you can click on search bus Buttons and select your seat and book a ticket online,busandticket provides an instant discount on every ticket according to Offers going in Busandticket.
  • They have features of booking seat will be automatically Ladies ticket if another side seat is Ladies.
  • You can call anytime on our customer care helpline number 9939802016.
  • Or you can check all details on our website and check all details regarding bus facilities.
  • Yes, you just need to go to the website and enter your ticket details like ID and registered number.
  • There you can change the date and timing and reschedule your ticket.
  • After Payment, you can go ahead with a new ticket.
  • On Website we have different codes Ex. "FIRSTBOOK" by entering that codes in payment time you will get an instant discount according to offers.
  • We have discounts according to the different seasons also.
  • If you booked online bus ticket from then you will get 100 % refund only if bus missed due to and their partener bus ticket agency.
  • In other hand the bus missed by your fault and its not directly related to the respective bus ticket agency then you will not get refund.
  • In worst case you will request to bus ticket agency or then they do something manageable for you.
  • It totally depend upon how bus ticket agency and their websites provide security in online transaction. For example, if you use Book Bus Ticket Online - Leading Online Bus Booking Website in India ( for booking bus tickets online then you can go ahead blindly .
  • provides lots of Payment options like UPI, Credit card payment, Debit cart payment, Internet banking, etc.

Many people have this question but to answer this travelling in the pandemic is completely safe with because we take care of every single thing .

We make sure the bus is sanitized after every journey and all the passengers are wearing mask and gloves. The passengers are not given entry if their temperature is high or they have fever or any other symptoms.

We even sanitize the luggage the of passengers. Whether it is a long journey or a short one you are travelling safe with

For getting student bus pass, you will have to fill up a bus concession form which you get it from your institution where you study.

You have to fill it and get it signed and stamped by the principal.

Then, you are supposed to submit that form to nearest bus depot from where you want to travel.

Once it is done you will get your monthly student pass for travelling in bus.

The fares are very low for students.

If you are looking for safe and most secure bus travel at night for your sister then I will suggest you to look at as they give top priority to women's safety they ensure that if a women is travelling alone at night and if she books ticket through busandticket they make sure that she is a given a seat beside a lady passenger only this is done to make her feel comfortable throughout her journey and she feels safe.

You can also checkout reviews about the past experiences of the customers.

To travel with safety assurance is the best site it ensures the safety of females as it firstly you can book seat of your choice. If the window seat is booked by a female customer then the other one is also given to a female only, so there is no reason to get tensed. Also in the bus only those can travel whose tickets are pre booked just like trains.